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Electronic Technology Co. Ltd. was founded in 1999, after nearly five years of efforts,


in 04 years and re integration and the formation of Guangzhou ymioo electronic technology limited company.

launched his own brand of the same year. The company served as the technical backbone of the senior German sound engineer,

integration of industry elite R & D, R & D center are located in the United States.

Taiwan, Guangzhou, unified by the electronic technology limited company responsible for sales and services in the world.

and around the "intelligent conference, global sharing" product concept, do in-depth research and development and promotion.

The products include: modular embedded conference system, digital conference system, wireless conference system,

Always will combine the function and taste of perfect products, each with a highly innovative and sophisticated technology.

Products have been spread all over the country and many countries and regions around the world, products,

has become one of the most competitive international conference system application market, one of the international brands.

In order to better promote the brand and service of Electronic Science and Technology Co. company has made a major strategic shift, all engaged in the research and development of products, sales promotion and service brand, solely responsible for the electronic technology limited company.

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In the future, the brand will further the "intelligent conference, global sharing" concept is rooted in the domestic and foreign market,