TOP10 smart speaker

In 2017, intelligent speakers are very hot sale, many Internet giant have introduced smart speaker products. At present, many foreign technology companies have been successful in the field of smart speakers. For example, Amazon Echo, Google Home, Apple Homepod, Microsoft Invoke and so on.

Intelligent voice technology is the core of intelligent speaker. At present, smart speakers in the market are all equipped with a waking word, or a name of a speaker. User can say a woken word and issue voice commands such as playing music and asking the weather for daily voice interaction with the smart speaker. Some users said that the smart speaker is essential, because it can bring more listening enjoyment, and simplify people's lives.

TOP9 car networking

An Accenture survey shows that the Chinese car networking market is expected to reach 216.2 billion U.S. dollars by 2025 and that all new cars will be networked by 2025. Vehicle networking refers to the electronic tags loaded on the vehicle by radio frequency identification technology to achieve the information network platform for all vehicles attribute information and static and dynamic information extraction and effective use of different functional requirements and all vehicles System of effective supervision and provision of integrated services. In other words, car networking can make cars more intelligent, realistic version of Transformers just around the corner.

TOP8 machine learning

AI is a discipline that builds intelligent machines, and 'machine learning' makes those machines smarter. AI is realized through machine learning. AI covers a wide range of areas where machine learning is one of the fastest growing and most compelling.

Stanford defines "machine learning" as the ability to make a computer work independently of manual programming. The two are inextricably linked, you need AI experts to build smart machines, and machine learning specialists are essential if you really want to be intelligent. Popularly, machine learning is based on highly sophisticated algorithms and techniques that build human behavior in a non-living object, machine, or system.
machine learning

TOP7 AlphaGo

AlphaGo was the first AI program to defeat a human professional Go player and the first to win the Go World Championship, led by a team led by Google's DeepMind company, Dr.Disshas Hassabis. The main working principle is "deep learning."

In March 2016, Alfa Go and Go champion, professional nine-player Li Shishi went on a man-machine war and won a total score of 4 to 1. At the end of 2016 and early 2017, the program is on the Chinese chess website "Master" Master) as a registered account with dozens of China and Japan and South Korea chess chess fast chess duel consecutive 60 innings without a defeat; May 27, 2017, after Ke Jie and Alpha go man-machine-war, Alpha go team announced Alpha Go will no longer participate in Go competition. An enemy dog may say is the AlphaGo.


Augmented Reality (AR), also known as mixed reality. It uses computer technology, the virtual information is applied to the real world, the real environment and virtual objects superimposed in real time on the same screen or space coexist.

AR system has three salient features: real-world and virtual information integration; with real-time interactivity; is to add positioning virtual objects in the three-dimensional space. AR technology can be widely used in many fields, including medical, military, heritage restoration and digital cultural heritage protection, industrial maintenance and so on.

TOP5 autopilot

Autonomous driving is a type of smart car, also known as a wheeled mobile robot, which mainly relies on a computer-based intelligent pilot in the car to achieve the goal of driving without driver. Its technical principle is through the vehicle-mounted sensing system to sense the road environment, automatically plan the route and control the vehicle to achieve the intended goal of the smart car.

On Sept. 22, Baidu announced a 100 billion yuan ($ 1.52 billion) autopilot fund as part of Baidu's broad-based plan to accelerate technology development and compete with U.S. rivals, according to a Reuters report. Baidu said in a statement that the $ 10 billion "Apollo Fund" will invest 100 self-driving projects over the next three years.