Do you fantasize about having a home robot friend in your future home? It can talk to you, do housework, and even make furniture. With the advent of artificial intelligence, your dreams will come true.
Recently, an Israeli robotic company produced a home service robot. This robot can be a simple voice communication, navigation system will let it correctly complete your voice command, in the process of moving obstacles can automatically avoid. It has a little board on the back that can carry and carry some small things. In addition, the bottom is equipped with a number of sensors, you can follow the owner of the corresponding movement, at the same time, the display can also with the height of the host automatic rise and bow, looks like a kid who knows you and chase you running. At the same time, it can recognize dozens of people's different voices, in the family scene, although the family can command it to do things, but it can identify different character relations.

In addition to home robots, you can also have furniture morphing robots. If your home space is not large, you need a very effective way to enhance home living space, then this will be deformed robot furniture can solve your distress. Recently, researchers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology collaborated with Silicon Valley designers to design the furniture morphing robot. It can change the arrangement and design of our bedroom according to different changes, which can bring more space for a small apartment instantly.
This series of robots has a very unique innovation, only a button can change the living room into a bedroom, the porch into a cloakroom. The name of the robot is inspired by origami, and developers want robotic furniture to change shapes like origami.
With the development of intelligent home appliances, the development of intelligent robot Home Furnishing also came into being, the company developed a robot through expression, blinking, and rotate the head voice master, not only can understand the situation and the surrounding environment, but also be able to identify a specific person. It is equipped with lenses, radio and horn system, with wireless connection, the host can be manipulated by voice commands, the owner can check when leaving home situation. In addition, the built-in sensors will continue to learn through the detection of the surrounding environment, smart to avoid collision other objects or fall stairs.